Friday, August 27, 2010

Tonsil week

It has been a long week of recovery, but I am feeling great after my tonsils and adenoids were taken out last Tuesday! I have had the greatest friends and family to help me feel better and give me so much love...THANK YOU!! I Love You All!!

Movie Night w/ Aidan & Kendall

A winking message from my babies after Granny/Granddaddy sent them all new clothes to dress up in! (From L to R: Miss Bear, Molly, Ansley, Charlotte & Zoe)

My get well soon balloons

Taking a timeout with Jack in the enchanted forest tent

Friday, August 6, 2010

Beach vacation

This might be the BIGGEST picture update yet :) Mama and I just got back from an amazing beach vacation with Aunt Kelly, Mallory and My Granny!!! We really had a great time and wish it never had to end!

Sweetest picture ever!
Mallory and Ansley on the car ride home

Night sea shell hunting
Let us outta here!
Galveston Aquarium

Mallory and Mama enjoying the beach

Lets go shadow

Feeding our horse Express or the tourist horse name Diesel

Loving my first Cinderella carriage ride

Mama, Mallory and Granny enjoying the ride

Me & the mouse

Me, Mal Mal & the chocolate bear

The family pick (minus Granny)

Our sand castle village

Working hard
Watching the waves

Yummy, a Dora ice cream on the beach

Ice cream man

Good shell find

Found a crab!! So cool
Greatest Granny ever - she brought us goodie bags!!

Posing in my monkey jammies

Evening walk on the Sea Wall
Exhausted after a long day

Me & my girl Mal Mal

Working hard to start my sand castle
Jumping the waves!
No deeper Mal Mal no deeper

Filling our watering cans

Getting our feet wet

Mallory's first beach experience
( I think it went okay)
Filling the sand in my toes

Mal Mal & Aunt Kelly

Me & Mama
Must get that little shell right ... there

Me & Granny shell hunting

Little face that is growing up toooooo fast
Ans, Aunt Kelly & Mal Mal

Is it to early for Christmas?

Rainforest Cafe

Me & My Mama

3 generations of Renee :)

Finally a family portrait

or two!

Gateway into The Strand (downtown Galveston)

Yummy Marshmallows

Me and the Chocolate Bear

Mallory and I on a stroll

The girls


Aunt Kelly, Mallory & Ansley

So sweet

The shark tunnel

Gorillia fun

Rainforest Cafe

Big Love!

Tan lines

castle fun

Mama & Ansley

Happy days