Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lets catch up! Part I

It has been so very long since we posted last, and we have been very busy! Lets start with a few pics from the Austin snowstorm this year to rodeo fun and friends!!

Watching the fountain at Laguna Gloria with my friend Grace

Laguna Gloria for Stella's baptism

Silliness at the Zoo

Goldilocks and the 4 bears

Mom and Ansley after dancing at The Annual Crawfish Party

Uncle Mike and Jill

Kids and music = Happiness

Uncle Mike and Ans

Riding the big blue whale

purple dinosaur

and green dragon all by myself!

While Daddy tries riding a bull

Got in a little rock climbing at The Fair to impress my Uncle Michael :)

Nothing like a snow cone on a hot day in Austin

A little train riding

Bunny petting

"He's not gonna get me right?"

Petting my first baby cow


Hiding with Grace


Me and Mama's initials

Snow bunny

Zoe Loved the snow

Our street

Ansley and Brynn

And we woke up to this!! It was so beautiful :)